Routines are everything.

“The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

— John C. Maxwell

This month we are talking about what steps you can take to #FeelYourBestFebruary. The single most important thing I have done that helps me feel my best every day is develop (and stick with!) a morning and evening routine. It has taken months (dare I say years) to find a routine that works for me. And it changes with each season of life! For example, when I was on my surgery rotation and had to be at the hospital at 5:00 am, I limited my morning routine to the bare essentials. And some nights I only squeeze in 5 minutes of stretching before collapsing into the bed. But this is what I strive for each day because I know it helps me to show up as my best self!

4:00 am – Wake up, workout clothes on, contacts in, brush teeth

4:15 am – Neti pot, glass of water #1

4:30 am – Workout

5:15 am – Shower + AM skin care – *Start AM Pump Up Playlist*

5:30 am – Make coffee + smoothie, glass of water #2 with plant powders + plant-based omega

5:45 am – Meditate

6:00 am – Start Today Journal & Priority Planner, enjoy coffee + smoothie

6:30 am – Hello day, let’s do this!

7:00 pm – Make chamomile tea + prep tomorrow’s lunch & coffee pot – *Start PM Wind Down Playlist*

7:10 pm – Set out workout clothes + work clothes for tomorrow

7:20 pm – PM skin care + floss/brush teeth + take out contacts

7:30 pm – Start essential oil diffuser + foam roll

7:40 pm – Evening yoga

7:50 pm – Gratitude journal

7:55 pm – Neck extension with cervical traction orthotic

8:00 pm – Lights out, good night!

In addition to having these routines to bookend my day, there are 4 things I prioritize on a daily basis to make sure I feel my best:



Easier said than done some days, especially now in the days of living with a mask on. I mix it up with hot tea and water.


Eat plants

Meal prep is the only way this happens. And of course my secret superpower that is plant powders.


Move my body

Just 30 minutes a day. If I can fit in more, great. Walking Olaf, yoga, barre, biking, running around at the hospital – get creative!



I used to think I could function on less than 6 hours of sleep. Then I got a Whoop and realized the importance of quality sleep.

Build your own routine

Want to learn more about something I mentioned above? Have a question? Want help building your own daily routine?

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