Self Care September

In honor of another year around the sun (yay #birthdaymonth) and in combination with Health Made Simple‘s Self-care September meal prep theme this month, I’m going to share my current top 5 ways to incorporate self-care into my daily and weekly routines πŸ’•

If you had asked me 12 months ago whether I would ever incorporate journaling into my daily routine, I would have said “heck no.” πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I just could not get into it. Until life turned sideways when my grandparents died and things felt so freaking hard. I was in this rut of waking up angry and going to bed exhausted. Every. Single. Day. And that was not me. That isn’t me. I knew something had to change if I wanted to feel different.πŸ’•

So in addition to getting professional counseling through Better Help, I started #morningpages (stream of consciousness, write whatever comes to mind for 3 straight pages). It was HARD. Sometimes I just sat there and angry, ugly cried. Other times I just wrote my to-do list over and over.

But it worked. After months of sticking with it, I woke up one morning (at the beach, mind you – salt and sand are magical thingsπŸ–) and didn’t write down a single negative thing in those 3 pages.

And to this day, I feel my BEST when I stick with my journal practice (#morningpages, then my Start Today and Priority Planner journals).

What is your favorite way to incorporate journaling into your regular self-care practice?

Most days, my showers are as fast as freaking possible so that I can get from workout 🀸 to car πŸ‘©β€βš• in 10 minutes (and of course save water, too).

But once a week, I allow myself to take a not-so-rushed shower and use my favorite sugar scrub and body oil that my skin just LOVES. It is at this moment that I had the idea for this series of self-care posts. πŸ’­ I thought, “I 110% love this weekly practice, so why not share that pure happiness with others?”

Now, I have the world’s most sensitive skin so I had to be very careful in picking these products. Most exfoliators tear up my skin and most body oils feel super greasy and gross. But these are a match made in heaven. Thanks, Beautycounter for knowing exactly what my skin needs!

Let me know if you want to try them out for yourself πŸ‘‹


“Green exercise is activity in the presence of nature. Evidence shows it leads to positive short and long-term health outcomes.”

Some of these benefits include improved self-esteem and mood, with an even greater benefit is water is present! πŸ’§

Our honeymoon adventures in nature fully reaffirmed the importance of incorporating weekly – if not daily – exposure to nature. 🌻 I noticed a significant improvement in my mood, sleep, and anxiety levels (of course, that could also be because we were on our honeymoon!). πŸ˜‚

I try to walk Olaf around our neighborhood at least once a day (some days it’s a long walk, others just a stroll around the block), and then on our days off, we try to get some prolonged time in nature, whether that’s through kayaking, hiking, SUPing or just hanging out at our local farmer’s market and picnicking in the park. Now of course there are weeks where none of this happens, but we TRY!

πŸͺ΄ Many of my friends (with greener thumbs than me) bring nature inside with house plants! Maybe if you also have a habit of killing house plants, try growing hydroponically with a Tower Garden like me.

What exposure to nature (even if it’s just pictures!) can you regularly incorporate into your life?🌿

Source: Barton J, Pretty J. What is the best dose of nature and green exercise for improving mental health? A multi-study analysis. Environ Sci Technol. 2010.

Raise your hand if you take a fish oil supplement.πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€

Maybe you’re trying to add more omega fatty acids to your diet, particularly DHA and EPA because these are not produced by the body and must be consumed. They are both important for the healthy function of your heart πŸ’— and DHA specifically plays a role in healthy brain health and vision.

But guess what, the fish 🐑 actually get their omegas from PLANTS! πŸͺ΄ So I prefer to get my omegas (not just 3, but also 5, 6, 7, and 9 which all have additional health benefits) directly from the source.

This plant-based Omega Blend is unique because it’s a 100% plant-based omega product. They bypass the middle fish and go straight to the fishes’ source, the algae πŸƒ, combining it with other omega fatty acids derived from cold-pressed seeds and berries.πŸ…

I make sure to fuel my brain with plant-based omegas every morning when I wake up.

Want to uplevel your health with me? Let me know!


Does anybody else feel this way?

I had a friend in college who got upset with me when I scheduled our hang-out time on my calendar. What they did not understand was that this was my way of prioritizing our time to ensure I did not book something else by mistake!

Thankfully, I am now surrounded by people who understand (and dare I saw appreciate?) the calendar invites for GNO, date night, family time, etc.

More importantly, I have learned the power of scheduling ME TIME on my calendar. It started as a way to tell people ‘no’ in response to their social invites because “I have something else booked” (aka a date with Olaf and the couch and Netflix because that is what I need right now).

I am so grateful for my best friend for helping me feel confident in saying “I can’t join you for _____ because I need some introvert time to rest and recharge.”

This is a long way of saying, I hope you feel empowered to put ME TIME on your calendar each week (even if it’s only 15 minutes sitting in your car away from your family).

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