What to do with all that Farmers Market produce

So you went to your local Farmers Market (or received your box of “ugly” produce from places like Imperfect Foods) – but now what? I don’t know about you, but I get kind of excited when I roll up to that open air goodness on a Saturday morning and see all the farmers with their beautiful rainbow of produce just waiting to be eaten (oh, … Continue reading What to do with all that Farmers Market produce

Routines are everything.

This month we are talking about what steps you can take to #FeelYourBestFebruary. The single most important thing I have done that helps me feel my best every day is develop (and stick with!) a morning and evening routine. It has taken months (dare I say years) to find a routine that works for me. And it changes with each season of life! For example, … Continue reading Routines are everything.

Hi, I’m Morgan!

It’s nice to meet you! Iā€™m a medical student, yoga instructor, health coach, urban gardener, safe skin care advocate and dog mom to our rescue pup Olaf. I work with individuals, families and communities to transform their health by creating life-long habits like eating more plants, drinking more water and using safe cleaning and personal care products. I also partner with community leaders, moms on … Continue reading Hi, I’m Morgan!