Clean Skin Care

I love to talk about what goes INTO our bodies. But it’s also important to consider what we are putting ON our bodies.

Learn about skin care ingredients

While I’d like to say that all skin care and beauty product companies have our health and the environment in mind when developing their products, that is not always the case. Check out what my favorite organization, Beauty Counter, is doing to change this.

Environmental Working Group Skin Deep® Tool

So now that you know the WHY behind checking the ingredient list on your products, here is where you can actually do that. This EWG tool allows you to search by product to see what ratings the ingredients receive. Now this is limited by what data is available, but it’s the most helpful tool I’ve found!

Care about the Environment

To be honest, I don’t have time to search through every product I use. So I just stick with brands that I know are committed to caring about my health and the health of the planet, like Beautycounter. Check out how they take care of the environment below.

Get started here…

Take 15 minutes to fill out my skin care survey. This helps me learn more about your skin type, concerns, budget, etc. so I can share personalized product recommendations with you. NOTE: completing my survey does NOT obligate you to make a beautycounter purchase, but it will help you learn more about which products would be best for you should you ever want to give the brand a try!

My personal favorites

Check out my blog post on why I made the clean swap and what my personal favorite Beautycounter products are.